Sauer Lab

Together with Nico Sauer, AAA- – -AAA was able to produce a music theatre performance on the topic of musical genius and genetical engeneering.

Nico’s words describe the project as follows:

Two fake scientists, who play the guitar very well, discover the secret of the genetic code for musical genius – or not. Inside a setting of self-built instruments resembling scientific aparati two contradictory characters administrate their own tragedy –  and the fate of a child – a possible genius. Microscopic cavities within a strictly organised theatre allow for outbreaks of individual will such as guitar solos and allusive sexual intercourse. The audience surrounds the play freely, thus being able to grasp intimate moments of science peeking through transparent sheets that seem to divide the scene.

Only a passionate karaoke perfromance can be the resolution of an instruction fixated loner with a vague idea of self realization before the scientists’ guitar necks entangle in an erotic snake show fight.