Berghain – CTM Festival – January 2018

Maximilian Marcoll / AAA-AAA – HACK 
– for three performers (two guitars, electronics), 20 Marshall Guitar Amps, PA, sound engineer

20 Marshall Guitar amps serving as a wall of sound, a heavy PA additionally, two electricguitars providing noisy drones and a genius electronic layer of amplitude-modulation and -manipulation.

You should definitely experience it live. 

Until then: listen (loud and with headphones…):

The first version of our collaboration was called HACK and we premiered it in quite a noble etablissement: Berghain Berlin.

The second show was at Klub Katarakt, Kampnagel Hamburg. Afterwards we worked a little bit on it and played the new version – ACHK – at achtbrücken Köln and Eclat Festival Stuttgart, now with adequate help on the mixing desk by Florian Zwissler.